How To Get Wealthy Using Simple Stuff With No Prior Knowledge
Did you know that 80% of all sales in every industry are made from the
5th through the 12th contact?

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Hey Fred!
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you "THANKS" for your newsletter.
I subscribe to maybe 80-90 (yes, I know it is unbelievable--but most are scientific/research in nature) and of all the "business" ones I receive, YOURS is one that I NEVER delete.
Everyone should be as conscientious and as professional as you are.
Wait...maybe not...then you wouldn't stand out like a Beacon!
Oh, well...yes you would anyway, I believe.
Again, just wanted to let you know I appreciate you and your communication.
Michael Dycus, Ph.D

For the last five years I’ve been watching and admiring Fred Raley for his marketing simplicity and for the way he helps his team members with his continued support and terrific marketing tips.

I sure consider myself lucky to have such a friend in the online jungle where a lot of Gurus wants to get paid for every bit of information they give out.

Congratulations on your continued success Fred and may God reward you for all your efforts.


Your Friend,

Leo Silvestri

INVESTIGATED: 4/25/009 through 5/18/009
Fred offers you a FREE report that is absolutely incredible. Second to None!
I've spent some time checking this one out (more time than I usually do!) and I have concluded the following:
#1. Honestly, if you can't make any money with suggestions he gives, you are either in the wrong business or are dead.
#2. This report is a MUST HAVE!
This one is a real gem and I know I can, without reservation, heartily urge you to check it out and put it to use now.

Until next time...

April Gregory

Opportunity Review

Until I met you I tried building My list with no success.  But since I started using your system approximately 2 months ago, I have over 200 in my list and it keeps growing.

Now, I am doing well with list building thanks to you.

Anyone can do this.

Rick Fraser, MD